Tim Merry to Sweden on hosting system change

Tim Merry, change leader and co-founder of the Art of hosting is on a short trip to Sweden. He will work with organisations and groups in both Stockholm and Malmö. His colleague Tuesday Ryan Hart will join via Skype in both Stockholm and Malmö.

Check out a 3 min summary of one of Tims key note or this 4 minute reflection from Tim and Tuesday about their model Shared work after working with leaders in Canada. During his visit in Sweden Tim is scheduled for following events;

SKL – Stockholm 10th of October
How can we build the foundation for the future together – rather than just coping with crises and downturns? An inspirational day with SKL and Tim Merry around the modernisation of public sector. Civil servants from municipalities around Sweden are invited to explore this question togeather with collegues from Canada, who as well as Tuesday Ryan Heart will join us via Skype.
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Masterclass – Malmö 12th of October
Leading system change. Leading long-term participatory change initiatives to battle societal challenges. A participatory masterclass with Tim Merry (Canada) and team for regional key players sharing the ambition to take the next step in their work on change and sustainability. Tim will share exciting examples from current work and together with Tuesday Ryan Heart (who will join us via Skype from the U.S.). They will share their latest learning on how to work with long term multi-stakeholder processes in a way that makes systemic change possible. The greatest learning comes from real life application. So, during the afternoon we will work on our participants real projects and challenges. This is an open event. Welcome!
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Practioners Gathering Malmö 14th of October
During the Saturday we are inviting all of you who work as practioners in the field of co-creation around the question How can we learn and develop together as a community of practitioners?

This is a peer-learning event although Tim will start the day with a session on Shared work and how that applies to us as a community of practitioners. The event will be in English and we hope to attract a few international participants also from our neighbouring countries. The event is on a self-cost rate (approx 500 SEK) and will run from 09.00 to 17.00. In the evening those who want to stay will share a meal and enjoy eachothers company for a bit longer.
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